Founded in 1978, the Holmes family started as a wholesaler of medical and surgical supplies with Lake Erie Wholesale Medical. They were a founding member of Independent Medical Co-Op Inc. (IMCO) working with physician and hospital clinics. In 2001, Quality Care Products (QCP) was founded as a wholesaler of Pharmaceutical & OTC Products to Physicians and Clinics, becoming a leader of repackaged medications of physician dispensed medications. QCP is an FDA and DEA licensed facility and received VAWD accreditation in 2007. QCP started selling their repackaged products into pharmacies and transitioned into generic distribution to retail independents, LTC facilities, small chains and has grown into the company it is today. QCP prides itself on outstanding service to our customers, quality standards that are unsurpassed in the industry, compliance with all regulations, and our family-oriented values pertaining to our employees and clients.

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Known for our friendly and committed staff, professional dependability and integrity, Quality Care Products takes pride in personal reliability and surprising predictability when partnering with our customers. We truly care about each relationship and treat you as we would treat any family member! Because of our heritage, Quality Care Products has grown to be one of the country’s most respected independent distributors of pharmaceuticals, and a trusted partner in the chain of care for providers of all scale, from local pharmacies, to community hospitals, physician practices, and government agencies.

Our job is to make yours easier, and more profitable!


Michael Holmes

C. E. O.

Joe Braker

C. O. O. & C. F. O.

Brandon Holmes

V. P. of Operations

Jeannie Sieren

V. P. of Compliance

Pat Earl

V. P. Supply Chain and Strategic Development

Carol (Holmes) Beers

Pharmacy Project Management Director

Alexandra Byers

V.P. of Customer Service

Adrianne Holmes

Accounting Manager