Urgent Care Centers lose $200 per patient if that Patient chooses a Retail Clinic and not YOUR URGENT CARE! The average generic copay for commercial insurance on Tier-1 Generics is $11-$12. You can sell many of these for a profit.


QCP’s Dispensing System is a perfect match for Urgent Care Centers.  Patients seek an Urgent Care clinic for fast, convenient and competent care that they can trust.  That is why they also choose to pick up their prescriptions in a convenient and confidential environment.

Point-of-Care Dispensing is one of the top 5 reasons patients visit a Retail clinic, your main competition!

Patients want to return because they save time and money, are treated personally and professionally in a feel-good way that says welcome back, and get well soon.  They also tell others about the one stop shop experience that almost seems too good to be true in the busy, fast pace world we live in today.

Read more at our article featured on Urgent Care Association’s blog.

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